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Bristol PFF endorsed by leading theatre director Holly Stoppit

By November 22, 2011News

In my book, the clown seeks to reveal the truth, to expose vulnerability and search for the beauty in every situation.  And this is what I’m expecting to get at the Bristol Palestine Film Festival

Holly Stoppit

Circus2IraqThis year’s festival includes a clowning and theatre theme.  On the 8th December at the Cube Cirus2Iraq will be giving a talk and sharing images their latest visit to Palestine.  You can find out more about Circus2Iraq from their website.  On the opening night – the 2nd December – we will be screening (No) Laughing Matter.  Directed by actor and comic Vanessa Rousselot this film asks if laughter can stand up to tragedy.   Her method is simple: ask each new person you meet “Do you know a Palestinian joke?”  The first answer unsettles: “Our whole situation is a joke”. Then tongues are loosened, humour rises to the surface, jokes abound….

Bristol Palestine Film Festival provides an excellent opportunity to explore a side of Palestinian life that is rarely told in mainstream media.  We aim to show how Palestinian people live, how they tell jokes, how they love, and how they play football… check out the full programme online.

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