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Raising funds…

By August 31, 2012News

We’re entering the last month of our fundraising efforts for 2012.  I’m pleased to say that with your support we have reach almost halfway to our target, and hopefully not bothered you all too much with our emails and constant updates.

Of course planning for December 2012 is steaming ahead and we have the following provisional ideas in place – please note these are subject to change – largely dependent on the funding we raise this month.

  • Bidisha – Guardian journalist and author of ‘Writing a path through Palestine’ will be hosting the festival.
  • Selma Dabbagh – British Palestinian writer of fiction an author of ‘Out of it’ will join us for a talk about the plurality of conflict and its expression in fiction writing.
  • Bristol’s very own Daoud Sarhandi, producer of the critically acclaimed ‘The Colour of Olives’ will be introducing the film and holding an editing workshop.
  • We will be hosting an arts space at the parlour showrooms, curated by local photographer Daniel Bosworth there will be photography workshops contributing to an exhibition which will be shown in Palestine entitled ‘Us’.

In addition to these plans we have developed a long-list of films.  These include:

  • 5 Broken Cameras
  • Habibi
  • Man without a Cellphone
  • Palestine in the South
  • Cinema Jenin

We need your help to fund the costs of bringing these films and relevant speakers to Bristol for the festival in December.  Monies raised will cover screening fees, postage costs, venue hire, and marketing.

As we enter our last month of fundraising we ask that you help us to make the festival happen by giving what you can:

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