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The Olive Harvest: Voting Closes Today

By November 9, 2012News

Zaytoun have entered an image of a woman hand winnowing olives into the Social Vision completion, the winning photos will be made into a calendar – click here to see it and vote via facebook on this link: Voting closes Friday November 9th at 5pm.

Nearly half the agricultural land in the Palestine is planted with eight million olive trees – and there are about 80,000 farmers, most of whom operate on a small-scale basis.  If you are looking to learn more about the close bond between Palestinian families and the olive tree, watch this short video published today on the BBC.  Narrated by Vivien Sansour, the video explores the cultural and economic value of the olive harvest for the Palestinians.  Despite the damage that is caused to the harvest by the actions of the Israeli authorities and the  settlers living illegally in the West Bank, Vivien concludes with a note of optimism that the knowledge held by the Palestinian families can act as a model of good practice for many in the West who are looking to develop more organic and sustainable farming models.

We open the festival on the 7th December with Leila Sansour’s ‘They Came in the Morning’, depicting the reaction of a Palestinian farmer who discovers one day that his livelihood has been destroyed with no prior warning or reason why.  Log on to our festival programme for more details.

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