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Highlights from 2012

By March 10, 2013November 11th, 2015News

Take a look at our festival highlights from 2012.  Over 800 people attended, over 7 days.  98% of the audience rated the event good overall; with 95% saying they would continue to discuss Palestine after the event.  On the links below you can see a selection of video, audio and photographs from the event.

Talking with Dr Phil Hammond on BBC radio Bristol, Daoud Sarhandi, a former student from South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, Filton Campus, returns to his hometown for the screening of ‘The Color of Olives’.

Bristol Palestine Film Festival teams up with Easton Energy Group to screen a series of short films from Palestine. The event took audience participation to a new level at cinema with punters having to join a four strong pedal team, which powered the projector and speakers.

This year’s photography exhibition featured work by Eid Suleman, Visualising Palestine, woman from the Suisya Centre and students from the Alrowwad Cultural and Theatre Society.

More about about 2013 shortly…


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