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My name is Ahlam + Missing

Tuesday 6th December, 2011, at 18:00


Dir: Tariq Rimawi 3mins 2010

A beautifully crafted stop motion animation filmed by Jordanian film maker Tariq Rimawi. Missing opens a window into the effects of conflict on children, and the search for peace in the face of adversity.

My Name is Ahlam

Dir: Rima Essa Israel 2010 1h 14mins Subtitled

While fighting for her daughter’s right to receive adequate treatment for her leukemia, Aisha – a Palestinian woman living in the West Bank, undergoes a process of empowerment. Suddenly, this battered woman is no longer afraid to stand up to her husband, her occupiers, the authorities and anyone who is in the way of her daughter’s path to health. My Name is Ahlam offers a unique view of Palestinian’s women empowerment. United by common enemies, the occupation, cancer and the Health Care System, these mothers learn how to stand up for their rights. Living under the oppression of the Israeli occupation and the subjugations to their husbands’ demands, they fight for their children’s lives and through that struggle they emancipate themselves.

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