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You Can’t Hide the Sun: A Journey Through Palestine

John McCarthy

You Can’t Hide the Sun: A Journey Through Palestine

St George’s Bristol 15 May 2012, 18.00-19.00

Fascinated as a young boy by his father’s tales of Palestine, John McCarthy was always drawn to the mesmerising region of the Middle East. But exotic enchantment is all too often matched by the brutal reality of political complexity, as McCarthy discovered at great personal cost: he was kidnapped and held hostage by political militants in Lebanon for five years. Despite this terrifying ordeal, McCarthy remained determined to one day return and discover more about this world. From the shores of the Mediterranean to the Bedouin encampments of the Negev desert, McCarthy travels through Israel and East Jerusalem to discover the history that shrouds the bitter Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His encounters with the ordinary people of this beautiful, tragic land reveal an often hidden side to the region’s history: the experience of those Palestinians who remained in Israel after its formation in 1948 – and who became Israeli citizens. In You Can’t Hide the Sun, drawing on extensive eye-witness interviews and on his own experiences, McCarthy tells the other side of the story of the founding of Israel, and considers the essential question – how can humanity endure under great oppression? Price: £8.00 / £6.50. Contact St George’s Bristol on: 0845 40 24 001, book online, or visit in person.

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