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Apples of the Golan + The Kite that Caught the Mountain

Sunday 8th December, 2013, at 13:00
Watershed, BS1 5TX

Apples of the Golan (2012) + Director Q&A

82min – Twopair Films, A film by Keith Walsh and Jill Beardsworth

Apples of the Golan is the story of a village turned prison, full of rappers, rockers and regimes, salsa dancers, holy men and dead fish, traitors, lovers, freedom fighters and their heartbroken mothers all set to the background of the revolution raging across the border in their homeland Syria as it creeps through the orchards towards them in Israel. The film’s narrative is made up of a multitude of characters that together convey the complex nature of their existence. What unfolds is a story of death, separation, war, torture, mines, love and nationalism. The apples of the film’s title symbolise their steadfastness and rootedness to the land in the face of occupation.

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The Kite that Caught the Mountain (2013)

7 min, An animation by Alexander Gaisie Walker and James Altham

A vivid animation meets the soundtrack of Philip Glass in The Kite That Caught a Mountain, a portrayal of Israeli quarrying in Palestine – presenting a metaphor for the destruction of colonisation.

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Tickets available through Watershed Box Office tel: 0117 9275100 or online at £5.50 Full / £ 4.00 Cons

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