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The Red Stone (2012) + Director Q&A

48 min – Al Arz Productions, A film by Ahmad Damen

The Red Stone is symbol like no other in the world and is only found in the Jerusalem area in Palestine. However, the hands that once carved and constructed these stones into a beautiful residence are now not capable of touching those same stones again. Used prominently in the construction of the architectural heritage of the Palestinian civilization back in the 20s and 30s of the last century. Tracking this stone takes us on a journey through the neighbourhoods of Western Jerusalem where Arabic Architectural treasures stand tall in the face of war and expulsion of the Arab residents in 1948.

The journey reveals the stories uncovered of Palestinians who are still deeply attached to their family houses, and unprecedented individual efforts to reclaim of the rights unlawfully taken.  Munir Fasheh goes back to his house in Jerusalem to face its current residents, Gabi Baramki visits a museum on the seam to face a tragedy, and Hakki’s displaced family’s last hope might be revived through Social Media. A story of conflict, emotion and patience with unexpected twists, in the centre of all this conflict remains ‘The Red Stone’.

Though I Know the River is Dry (2013)

20 min – RiverDry Film, A film by Robert Hamilton

Caught between his brother’s past and his child’s future, one man’s choice triggers catastrophe for his whole family. He has returned to Palestine. On his journey through the country he relives the trauma of his past and the choice that sent him to America – a choice between a passport for his unborn child and a safe haven for his activist brother.

This crowdfunded and independent production was winner of the PRIX UIP at Film Festival Rotterdam and was nominated for best short at the European Film Awards.


How to book
Tickets available through Watershed Box Office tel: 0117 9275100 or online at £5.50 Full / £ 4.00 Cons

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