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When I Saw You (2012)

[93mins – Philistine Films] A film by Annemarie Jacir

Jordan, 1967. Tens of thousands of refugees pour across the border from Palestine.  Tarek, 11, and his mother Ghaydaa, are amongst this latest wave, placed in ‘temporary’ refugee camps made up of tents and prefab houses until they are able to return.  With difficulties adjusting to life in Harir camp and longing to be reunited with his father, Tarek searches a way out. Eventually his free spirit and curious nature lead him to a group of people that will change their lives. A journey full of adventure, love, humour, and the desire to be free, this is a story about that moment in a person’s life when he wakes up and finds the whole world is open and everything is possible – that moment you feel most alive. It is a journey of the human spirit that knows no borders.

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“A tender, sometimes mischievous coming-of-age story set around a Palestinian refugee camp, When I Saw You is a hearfelt, approachable, if soft-centred depiction of deracination from a child’s point of view”. Screen Daily

“Palestinian artists — writers, painters, filmmakers, musicians — often find themselves discussing the tension between being true to their art, and being expected to be a spokesperson for their people. Annemarie Jacir’s latest film is one of the increasingly accessible range of works from Palestinian artists which should be seen because they are good art, not as acts of political solidarity”. Electronic Intifada

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Tickets available through Watershed Box Office tel: 0117 9275100 or online at £8.00 Full / £ 6.50 Cons.

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