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Omar Screening @ Bath Film Festival

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Tuesday 18th November, 2014, at 18:45
The Rondo, St. Saviours Road, Bath, BA1 6RT


Omar (2013)

Hany Abu-Assad, 96m


This Oscar-nominated Palestinian film captures the very essence of the conflict that has festered and grown over the last 65 years. Omar is a young Palestinian who is part of the fight against what he and his countrymen regard as the illegal occupation of their land. An Israeli soldier is killed and Omar is captured. His captors offer him an impossible choice – between becoming an informant and spending the rest of his life behind bars. Omar has no intention of helping his enemies, but circumstances dictate that he also wants to find out who the traitor is within the Palestinian ranks. Director Hany Abu-Assad earned his second Oscar nomination (the first was for Paradise Now) for this even-handed but powerful moral dilemma that strikes to the heart of the apparently irreconcilable conflict.

The screening will be introduced by David Owen of the Bristol Palestine Film Festival.


Full Price: £8.00
Concessions: £6.00

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