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Shebabs of Yarmouk + MIG + QA

Saturday 6th December, 2014, at 13:00
Watershed, 1 Canon, Bristol, BS1 5TX

How to book

Tickets available through Watershed Box Office tel: 0117 9275100 or online at £5.50 Full / £ 4.00 Cons.

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The Shebabs of Yarmouk

dir. Axel Salvatori-Sinz, 2013, documentary, 78min

In Yarmouk (Syria), the Shebabs, a small group of boys & girls, have been friends since they were teens. Now on the eve of adulthood, they have a genuine thirst for life, while being all confronted to intricate situations. Between the need for freedom and sticking to the group, between longing for revolt and the prospect of a well-ordered life, choices are hard to make; even more so when you’re a Palestinian refugee in the camp of Yarmouk, in Syria.


dir.Thaer Al Sahli , 2013, short, 11min

This film is about the Palestinian refugee camp of al Yarmouk, on December 16th, when it was attacked by the Syrian regime’s MiGs as a punishment for sheltering displaced Syrians & Palestinians who had lost their homes and neighbourhoods in the regime’s previous attacks.

It is a searing, yet poetic account of the Syrian regime’s use of Mig jets against civilians in Yarmouk refugee camp outside Damascus. “If the MiG didn’t show up, it could’ve been just another ordinary day. But it was there, looking for love to shatter, and blow away the features of my exile: the “camp”, Palestine’s twin.

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