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Team Gaza

Friday 7th December, 2018, at 20:00
The Cube, Dove Street South, BS2 8JD, Bristol
£5 full / £4 conc

Documenting the lives of four young people daring to dream in Gaza, a land strip sealed off from the outside world. Stuck between walls these four Gazans try to build their lives. One wants to marry his niece, a second tries to rebuild his bombarded house, a third tries to flee the strip and the last turns to weapons. Together they unite in a football team, the only place where they can forget about everything. Outside of the football pitch, they pray and they fight for a better future, despite the hardships in war-torn Gaza.

Team Gaza

Laurens Samsom
84 mins
Arabic, English, Dutch, with English subtitles

Ahmed Abu Suliman, Nehru Al Jesh, Usama Abu Quirshein, Zead Al Talmas, Imad Rekhawi, Samah Ahmed

£5 full / £4 conc

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