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Little Palestine (Diary of a Siege)

Wednesday 8th December, 2021, at 19:30
Palestine Museum, 27 Broad St, BS1 2HG

During the Syrian civil war, the district of Yarmouk, which is home to thousands of displaced Palestinians, became the scene of dramatic and ferocious fighting. This filmed diary documents the daily life of the besieged inhabitants of the world’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, showing how they faced bombing, displacement and hunger with poetry, music, love and joy. 

With his camera, Director Abdallah Al-Khatib composes a love song to a place that proudly resists the atrocities of war.

Little Palestine (Diary of a Siege)

Abdallah Al-Khatib
Lebanon, France, Qatare
93 mins
Arabic with English subtitles


£7/£5 cons

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