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The Apollo of Gaza

Saturday 7th December, 2019, at 18:00
Watershed, BS1 5TX
£8 full/£5 cons

In summer 2013, a 2000-year old statue of Apollo is discovered in the nets of a fisherman from Gaza. Then suddenly, the statue vanishes, opening all sorts of speculations: is it hidden in a tunnel, hostage to armed groups, destroyed by fundamentalists, or resold to international traffickers of art? Proven or fantasized, the wildest assumptions circulate about the statue. 

This documentary seeks to uncover the secrets behind this stunning archaeological discovery. Filmed in Gaza and Jerusalem, it plays out like a mystery – one full of unexpected plot twists, as the filmmakers track down those who saw the priceless statue or who have heard stories about it. Is it the work of forgers, or a gift from the gods to Palestinians desperately in need of hope? There are a lot of unknowns, but one thing is sure: the Apollo of Gaza soon becomes an object of speculation and greed, its very existence feeding the wildest rumours, and blurring the line between truth and lie, myth and reality.

Beyond local political rivalries and international concerns, The Apollo of Gaza is an engaging reflection on the passage of time and the cycles of history. It’s a history that has seen the birth, growth, and death of great civilizations, in a part of the world marked by the endless Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where the besieged Gaza strip continues to pay a heavy price.

The Apollo of Gaza

Nicolas Wadimoff
Canada, Switzerland, Palestine
79 mins
French with English subtitles

Tickets £8 full/£5 cons

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